Designed to streamline and integrate the control and management process (IE: legal, social security, EHS, occupational medicine, etc.) for the purpose of decision-making, mitigating risks and ensuring companies’ internal compliance policies.



Resources Management

  • Vendors AMD.
  • Management of Employees and Vehicles.
  • Inactivity and Discharges.
  • Subcontracting Chain.
  • Allocation of Resources to Jurisdictions and/or Areas.
  • Massive uploads.


  • 5 level Setting for documentation requirements.
  • Management of contracts, purchase and/or work orders.
  • Vendors’ individual and massive documents’ submissions.
  • Documents’ audit management according to levels and different managers.
  • Resource allocation to Jurisdictions and/or areas.
  • Documentation statuses shown in a traffic light scheme according to importance’ levels.

Access Management

  • Record of suppliers and visitors’ access.
  • Management of site allocation.
  • Derogation authorizations.
  • QR-code credentials.
  • Access statuses according to customer’s business rules.
  • Integration with access controls.

Field Audits

  • Workers tasks can be traced on streets and field areas by using our mobile app.


  • Contractor Registration.
  • Contract Registration.
  • Consultations of Vendors, Employees and Vehicles.
  • Consultation of Parameters.
  • Status and due documentation queries.

General Configuration

  • User Profiles.
  • Multilanguage.
  • Alerts and Notifications.
  • Mandatory Fields.

For us the security of our service and
your data are important. That is why, we provide.

  • Security Policy
  • High Security Standars
  • Biannual Security Audits
  • Monitoring of Services and Activity
  • Access Log and User Activity