Exactian is the leading cloud-based platform that provides the best technology applied to Supplier Management, integrating the entire control process in a single application.


Manage your requirements and documents according to different risk levels, geographic zones, application areas, classifications, and functions.


Integrate all the areas of your company with Exactian in a single platform providing transparency to all the compliance processes.


Connect your business solutions with Exactian.

Suppliers Managment Specialists

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Our company was founded in 2006.


Proven successful cases in Colombia, Chile, Mexico and Ecuador among others.

90 Multinationals

We have already been chosen as strategic allies for their contractors control.

User Experience

Contractors consider the friendliest platform when uploading information to the system.

IT Company

Our core business is the development of technology and applications for Contractor Control.

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The business model is based on an international network of qualified partners.